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Anual party TEN-RING-SAI has started at September 2005, held at a hippy village called Baku-Genjin-Mura. Besides TEN-RING-SAI, we have organized several Psychedelic & Chillout/Ambient parties in Japan. And at the end of 2007, the organizer - sinX, and partner Jun has left Japan for a long Journey.
...and on 31 March, 2011, after 3.11 earthquake, we came back to Japan.

sinX plays as a chill & Dance DJ at some of the parties. For his profile, please check here.


--Ten-Ring schedule--


Japanese Chillout Evening
2nd, July, 2010
@Orange Sky, Leh, India

Chillout Party
22nd, 23rd, 28th, Febrary, 2010
@Chillout Lounge, Varkara India

New year & Fullmoon Count down Party (Suomi DJ)
31st, December, 2009
@Yellow Planet, Pokhara Nepal

110% Live-Trance (Suomi DJ)
28th, December, 2009
@Yellow Planet, Pokhara Nepal

Shanti Xmas Chillout Party
25th, December, 2009
@Shiva Restaurant, Pokhara Nepal

Sunday Sunset Chillout Session
13rd, December, 2009
@electric pagoda, Kathmandu Nepal

Shivamoon Chillout Evening
20th, November, 2009
@Yop Restaurant, Pushkar India

Total Eclipse After Chillout Party
22nd, July, 2009
@Open Hand Cafe, Varanasi, India

Full Moon & Stars Chillout Party
7th, July, 2009
@Sebbaba Cafe, Vashist, India

Chillout Night 2
1st, July, 2009
@Orange Sky, Leh, India

Chillout Night
24th, June, 2009
@Orange Sky, Leh, India

Spirit of Wander
Zen style cherry blossom viewing party
28th, March, 2009
@Don't Cry Bar, Pai, Thailand

Mardigrass Pre Party (Suomi DJ)
3rd, May, 2008
@Rainbow Retreat, Nimbin, Australia

Spirit of Wander
Ambient-CHillout music party
29th,30th March, 2008
@Rainbow Retreat, Nimbin, Australia

--sinX schedule--


Samurai Tribe in Goa (Suomi DJ)
2nd, April, 2010
@Primrose Goa

Samurai Tribe Fullmoon Party (Suomi DJ)
26th, March, 2010
@Primrose Goa

Samurai Tribe in Goa (Suomi DJ)
11th, March, 2010
@Primrose Goa

Samurai Tribe
31th March & 1st April
@Pai Thailand

Moon mountain Psychedelic Party
25th 26th 27th Decembre
@Kanchanaburi Thailand

Isotopia Festival
15th 16th 17th August
@Litchfield NP NT
Chillout DJ set

Winter Solstice
20th 21st 22nd 23rd June
Chillout DJ sets

5th April
@Northern NSW
Chillout DJ set

23rd, 24th & 25th February
@Southern Tasmania
Chillout DJ set

Rainbow Serpent Festival
25th 26th 27th 28th January
Chillout DJ set

Spiral Harmonics
22nd, 23rd December
Chillout DJ set

Lucid Lealm Beach Party
8th December
@Melbourne Victoria
Chillout DJ set

Fullmoon Co'mity
23rd, 24th 25th Novenber
Chillout DJ set


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